Portfolio Ages 30-Present (2010-present)

 Necronomicon Notebook, this was the first project I jumped into after leaving the factory.
 I always wanted to make a Freddy mask but I felt like everyone did Freddy to death. After seeing Freddy vs Jason the image of the Freddy Demon stuck in my brain so that was the Freddy I chose to do.
 This is sadly still unfinished. I wanted to do a werewolf short so I started making a mask, then I got into a million other projects and drifted away from this one........but I still wanna do that short so maybe this werewolf will make a comeback.
 I always loved the Alien series, I met a ton of friends just because of the franchise. Alien will always have a place in my heart and my life and I needed to make something from Alien. Jesse made a face hugger so it was only right for me to make a chest burster. Maybe one day we'll get to make a full Alien. ( it was something we always talked about )
 Johnny and Joe puppets from the short lived web series Wasted Footage. I was really excited about making these cartoony puppets and I like how they turned out.
 Scar Petal puppet and window ledge set I made for Wasted Footage. I got really into bright colorful stuff for Wasted Footage, it was a nice change for me.

 My unfinished pig puppets for a Forbidden Zone inspired music series I was gonna do. Maybe I still might do a skit or two for fun.

 The cartoon cameras I built for Wasted Footage. I really wanted to make a lot of cartoon props for this series.
 My dad wanted a scarecrow for his garden and I always wanted to make one so I had a blast making this.

 Mr. Hyde make up I sculpted for Monster Bash 2011. Make up applied by me and Jesse Melchior.
 Mummy make up for Monster Bash 2011, applied by me and Jesse Melchior. Costume by Dale from Reelmagik (really cool costume)
 Frankenstein make up for Monster Bash 2011, sculpted by Jesse Melchior and applied by Jesse and me.
 Blood of Dracula make up, appliances by Jesse Melchior. Applied by me, Jesse, and the rest of the Reelmagik team.
 My favorite make up me and Jesse worked on at Monster Bash 2011. Nosferatu appliances by Jesse Melchior, applied by Jesse and me.
Wolfman make up for Monster Bash 2011 sculpted by me and applied by me and Jesse.

 Monster on Campus make up sculpted by me for Monster Bash 2012. Applied by Jesse Melchior, David Melchior, and myself.
 Pitch from Santa Claus, make up for Monster Bash 2012. Applied by the whole Reelmagik team (had to get done on time)
 Cavemen for Monster Bash 2012. Make up sculpted by Jesse Melchior. Makeups applied by the whole Reelmagik team ( me, Jesse, David and Dale ) Me and David did the tall caveman on the far left and the one in the back.
 Another Frankenstein for Monster Bash 2012.
Tor make up for Monster Bash 2012. Make up by Jesse Melchior, I assisted him on this one.

Critter in a box. After friends and my girlfriend suggested that I make a couple more Critters (original one I made when I was 18), I busted out the mold and made some more. People really dig these and it boosted my confidence big time to move onto sculpting more stuff.

 Pumpkinhead, my first mini bust.

 Still detailing Swamp Thing.....
Still detailing Fred Sanford.....

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