Paintings I Did

 When I get a scanner I'll rescan all these, for now heres some pics I took of my paintings.

 When I was young I didn't care much for color, but as I got older and wanted to make masks and monsters, color was a must. After I left the factory and wanted to get back into art I knew I had to practice painting and get a better understanding of color. I was excited to dive into painting cause it was never something I did when I as a kid.

 My first experiment with Oil, Hes only a couple inches in size, I wanted to get a feeling for the paint.
 Another thumb nail size experiment on the same day.
 Same as above.
 And the last one I did the first day with oil. I like that I got a feeling for paint, it turns out it was way more fun to me to use than pencil.
 Gates of Hell, love the movie, had to do something from it.........
 War of the Colossal Beast, man I dig what I did with this. This and King Kong were a huge step. I figured out oil and I love it. Next step is color.
 (Kong, love him, had to paint him)
 I did this for an scary opening on the Hal and Al show drawing segment. We never got to film it though.
 Always loved Hellraiser and I always wanted make a cenobite. Thought it would be fun to try and paint one.
 Alien, again, I love the series and thought it would be cool to paint one with warm colors. Using the blue/green on the highlights made it pop.
 My brother requested I paint this one, man I love Jedi. ITS A TRAP!!!!!!
 Unfinished Snow White evil queen. I really like what I did with her skin.
My first watercolor painting. Had just watched Jurrasic Park and had dino fever.
 My Mars Attacks oil painting. Ever since I first caught a glimpse of the Topps cards I was an instant fan. When I painted this a couple years ago I had no idea that Mars Attacks would make a comeback for its 50th anniversary. All hail our Martian overlords.
Just a neat zombie oil painting. This started as a doodle and kinda came to life as I painted.

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