Ages 26ish-29/30ish (delivery/factory years, barely any art)

This was a dark time for me. During these years I had no time for art because I worked all the time.

One thing I did get to do during this time was work on the set of The Quiet Ones. Reggie Bannister (Phantasm) and his wife Gigi got me the job doing make up during a scene with Courtney Gaines (Children of the Corn). That was a major highlight during these years. If my girlfriend Mary didn't push me to give Reggie my portfolio I would have missed out on this chance to work on the film.

 I was a delivery man and then I worked as a machine operator for a production plant. I was promoted to Production/Operations Supervisor on 3rd shift. That was a big accomplishment for me as a worker. But I was never happy and I barely ever worked on anything art wise. after I padded my resume with experience as a supervisor I left to pursue daytime work and work on my true passion....sculpting. (which I just recently discovered through many other mediums and video production work......sculpting is my love, not all the other stuff)

During this dark time I got a call from long time friend Johnny Neutrino who wanted a Fiji Mermaid for a project he was working on. It gave me something to get excited about so I made one for him.

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