Old Portfolio ages 18-25 (1998-2005)

Creepy old guy and creepy old woman.......These two masks were originally to be undead back round characters in a western short I was doing. Basically a a group of bandits and a lone gunfighter pick up there grudge in modern day (from where they left off in the old west). They comeback undead and I needed a few back round masks to round off the group of bandits. The two main characters were gonna be make ups. The old man started as an old miner and the woman started as a native american ( if you wanna see the inspiration for the short watch House II). As I was making these I realized my imagination exceeded my budget and I changed them into the masks you see here. Personally I like these two, still would like to make that short too, spaghetti westerns rule!!!
Creepy old woman mask ( description above)
Mutant Baby (Johnny Neutrino calls it a Rabid Baby, Mary calls it her Baby), it was made for my first short film Spooky. I made a neat Tim Burton style cage for it .(post the pics when I find em)
My original Swamp Thing mask from around 2002.
Evil Can I made for Baxter, he never got to use it, but I made it for his Evil Can short film.
The first Critter puppet I made in 1998, man I can't believe I made this that long ago.
Critter in a box!!!!
The first mask I made in 1998. Always loved Leatherface and what better mask to learn how to make a mask on.
I made this burnt head one afternoon around 2002 with left over latex and paper towels. No sculpting at all, just made from scratch to entertain me one day.
I was watching Hammer movies and felt the urge to make a classic style monster. I had a half corpse I made that didn't turn out so I customized it into a mummy.
The Burlap Beast I made for Jellybean (short film I made). Kyle wore it in the film. ( While making Burlap Beast I was inspired by Oogie Boogie and Shrek)
Moco the bear made outta towles for Jellybean.
Dead Kelly made for Spooky.
The Shrewmaniod mask,  Shrewmaniod created by Art Adams from Monkeyman and O'Brien. Made this in 2000.
Batman Mask of The Phantasm mask I made in 2000.
My first Videodrome gun made in 1999.
The Goblin I made for Jellbean. I like the big bone prop I made for this too.
The Goblin without his head, big bottom lip
This was a silly 50's style Alien I was making to be shrouded in mist for a 50's sci fi trailer I was gonna make in 2001.
The mouth below was to be inserted in the smooth part (in the center) of the above sculpture, I was low on funds and kinda lost interest in this project and tore it apart.

I always wanted a Piranha after seeing the Joe Dante film. I never finished this sculpt.

 Greaser hair for Shoes for Johnny short film.
Back shot of Greaser hair.

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  1. amazing work johnny ~ its great to see it all laid out in a timeline format. You have accomplished so much & I am so proud of you for all your hard work. In our 11 years or so, your techniques have improved and I think you found your niche. Your new mini busts are fantastic and I cant wait to see more to come.