Monday, July 22, 2013

Monster Bash 2013

Monster Bash was a lot of fun this year. It's always fun to do some make ups with my friend Jesse Melchior from Reelmagik. This year I got to do all the sculpts (except the Frankenstein on the bottom right, one of Jesse's sculpts from 2 years ago. This was Todd's second year in the make up). I always wanted to do a Phantom sculpt ( what made it really cool was getting to apply it to Ron Chaney, Great Grandson of the original Phantom Lon Chaney). Herman and Grandpa Munster were really fun to work on, Tom and Ted really hammed it up. Leonard Hayhurst really had fun with the Hunchback make up (he really sold the schlocky fun of the sculpt).

Mary Bastian and Dale helped with taking off the make ups while me and Jesse churned out the next one. It was also fun to get away for a night and check out Monroeville Mall (setting for Dawn of the Dead), something me and Mary have been wanting to do for years.

The real treat for me was getting to meet Daniel Horne again. I showed him some of my work and he actually purchased the Herman Munster appliance I sculpted for the show. It was a huge honor to have him compliment sculpt!!!! He was very nice and chatted with me and Mary for bit. (He even invited us to come over some time and check out his studio!!!!!!!!)

To be honest I was pretty nervous about this years Bash but it ended up being a blast. Great vacation this year with Mary and friends!!!!!!

I'll be adding more pics from the con once I get copies from everyone that took pictures. Also now that Bash is over I'll be posting pics on a regular basis again.

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  1. Your make ups were phenomanal this year and everyone loved them. I am so proud of you and how hard you worked this week and the months leading up to Bash. Great time at Bash again with you and so happy we saw Monroeville Mall