Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Night of the Comet review/experiment from 2011

OK, let me start by saying shut up, just kidding. This was a failed experiment of mine, are your expectations lowered, good. Don't let this review turn you off to this movie. It really is one of the coolest movies ever made. Maybe its the adventure of it, maybe its just a boyhood crush on Catherine Mary Stewart. ( can't be that cause this and Last Starfighter rule)

Last year before me and Joe and Jordan made Wasted Footage I made a little experiment. I really wanted to do something with puppets, bad. I love making shit and I love editing so I thought maybe doing a little review thing would be the ticket. As an experiment ( like my Chronic/Alien trailer ), I made this review. I tried to do a kiddie voice, very annoying, least to me cause I had to watch it over and over and I'm not to into "me" to begin with, haha. Also the puppeteering doesn't match cause we didn't do the voices live, they were recorded and lines were changed. After making this I decided that I'll leave fun reviews to James and Mike from You wanna see good reviews, "Johnny says check them out"....lame ( no really though check out for good video reviews those guys are great )

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