Thursday, December 6, 2012

A look back at 2012

Lame, yeah basically another pretty lame year personally and professionally ( the year ends content so this post isn't all bullshit, read on). Not this past summer but the summer before I spent a lot of time building puppets and props for Wasted Footage. The first half of this year I was shooting, editing, writing and making music for it. Final product was pretty bad, had fun, but its over. So I basically shit the bed on my final "film" type project. Done with shorts, filmmaker dream is over. Lame.

Then in the summer I got to work with Jesse, David and Dale doing make up at Monster Bash. That was fun as hell as always. I got to sculpt a make up for the show (Monster on Campus) which was fun and work with friends doing something I love. But I realized make up and masks are an old dream that will never come true. So besides helping them, thats another dream thats basically over. "Lame-O donkey dick sucking on a witches tit" first half the year I say goodbye to dreams I had for a long ass time.......

After Bash or maybe a little before it I was pretty bummed (who am I kidding I'm a Debbie Downer). I came to realization that this shit will only ever be a hobby..........ugh, fuck. So since I'm outta room and I have no reason to even do make up or make any masks or write or draw or edit or shoot anything, I figured I'd just sculpt shit. Busts sounded like a good idea cause they're small, the molds take up little room (but cost a shit load of money to make), but fuck it. With busts I can make shit that I could never make a mask or make up of. I can work for the love of it without "dream" pressure, like I'm running out of time, cause time has already past me by. So thanks to Jesse for introducing me to a new clay, I found a new hidden talent for sculpting. I'm not boasting or bragging, believe me I'm not impressed in the least with myself......but some of this shit is O.K. I made 3 cool busts: Pumpkinhead, Fred Sanford, and Swamp Thing....and I started a couple new sculpts and pulled back on them, but the one I'm doing right now I'm really enjoying. (its a secret, if I tell you about it I'll never finish it, my superstition)

So in 2012 I said goodbye to all my dreams and I found a new hobby. So is the glass half full or half empty? I think I just "woke up" and realized I spilled the glass all over the floor next to my mattress. Least a new hobby will keep occupied for another lame-o year.

(its me from the future in April 2013, this year is pretty cool so far........)

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