Thursday, September 6, 2012

What I've been up to since Saturday's post...

Over the holiday weekend I had to take advantage of the free time. I had to pour some resin and make more Pumpkinhead busts. I don't have a studio to work from so I had to use the laundry room when no one was around.

This a still from This Island Earth. The alien in the pic is the Metaluna Mutant, this is going to be the subject of the next bust I'm going to work on.

 This is the rough shape of the mutant. I'm working out the shape at Marys place and then I'll bring to my place to detail.

Along with pouring resin and shaping the mutant, I'm also changing some of the design on Swamp Thing. After making the mold for Pumpkinhead and making some busts from it I learned some lessons and ran into some problems I hope to avoid with future busts. By changing some of the design of Swamp Thing I hope to avoid these problems. One major change is taking his shape all the way to base, this should keep him from getting hung up when pulling him from the mold. Also I'm reshaping some detail to get the most from the silicone mold.

So thats what I've been working on besides working the full time day job and celebrating my 11 year anniversary with Mary.

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  1. Im really excited to see swamp thing molded and painted next and then mettaluna mutant. great stuff ahead!!!