Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Swamp Thing's Back

Just taking a quick break to rest my eyes, figured I'd update the blog with pics of what I'm doing today on my day off from the job. Today I am roughing out the shape of Swamp Things in a little more detail and I'll go back in and detail it some more. Keep in mind this bust is only about 7 inches tall. (I think most people think I'm working in actual size compared to a human head like the masks I used to make. People told me they were shocked at how small Pumpkinhead was when they saw it in person. Some said they were shocked at how detailed it was which to me was a great compliment considering the scale I'm working on. I am new to making busts so I'm trying to improve with each piece. Also along the way some work that goes unnoticed is some of the patch work in spots that might make the molds detail hold up longer, lessons learned on Pumpkinhead. )

                                                   This top pic was how it looked earlier.

Keep in mind this won't look as carved or rough when its finished, think of this as a sketch. Its not often I get to put some real time into these busts so today I hope to cover a lot of ground.
(enough typing, back to work)

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  1. Your style definitely shines through on Swampy. He is looking so great babe. I know your apprehensive about painting (which you shouldn't be) but when he's finished he will be stunning. Now get back to Swampy so we can have dinner soon :)