Saturday, September 8, 2012

Last night at the Colonial Theater

 (Friends Joel Rickenbach, Nick Lombardo, and the Colonial Theater crew always get the coolest films, def worth looking into upcoming shows

Last night me and Mary met up with friends at the Colonial Theater to watch a screening of Pumpkinhead (shown under its alternate title). Friend and fellow artist Chris Garofalo allowed me to share a table with him in the lobby and display my Pumpkinhead bust while he sold some of his outstanding prints. I hope to have more busts done soon and I will be letting people know through my blog, Marys facebook, and Instagram on how to purchase one. I just wanted to thank everyone that was very supportive of my work, the hardest thing for me is getting my butt out there and showing my art. I'm a bit a hermit and I'm slowly realizing that my work is worth sharing with fellow fans. Thank you for all the support and kind words.

Below are some of Chis Garofalo's prints, I highly suggest you check out his site. He takes his craft very seriously and is a fan himself so his work is from the heart.

Check out his prints at

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  1. Your pumpkinhead bust looked amazing on display next to Chris's print. I am so happy that fans got to see it up close and so proud of you for taking that step to share him. Onward and upward more fantastic busts to come and I can't wait until you have these available for fans to buy very soon