Sunday, August 19, 2012

Night Breed The Cabal Cut

I wasn't going to use this blog to do movie reviews, but today me and my girlfriend Mary were lucky enough to view a screening of Clive Barkers: Night Breed The Cabal Cut. Since I was a teenager Night Breed was one of those special films that changed my life and my view on horror and fantasy. It was a film overflowing with SPFX make up and monsters, it had adventure and a love story, but most of all it opened my mind and imagination to a world where monsters are heroes and humans are the real monsters. Clive did in two films (Hellraiser and Night Breed) what public school tried for years to do, Clive got me reading. I don't want to give any spoilers or ruin this blog with reviews that I'm not fit to write, but this film is very special to me. If you are a fan of the book Cabal or a fan of Night Breed in its current film version, please treat yourself to a viewing of the The Cabal Cut. Basically it flesh's out the characters we already love, changes the fate of some, and adds about an hour of never before seen footage. To read more about it go to:

(Below are some cool wallpapers I found on that site)


  1. I feel so priviledged that we were able to see this movie, as intended originally by Barker. Always heard rumors that this footage exsisted but to see it like this, was like seeing it for the 1st time again. I really hope this comes out on dvd so everyone has the chance to see this

  2. I saw the cabal cut at Mad Monster Party back in March of this year, I hope that I either get the chance to see it again at another screening, or (hope beyond hope) it is released on BluRay/DVD so that I can watch it to my heart's content. It is such a fuller more heart touching story than the "original" cut.