Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Johnny vs Ultra-Detail

The other night I was talking to Mary about my Swamp Thing bust and how I have, in my opinion, a lot more to do. Mary asked me how that could be, she told me she thought it looked fine and couldn't imagine what else I had to do with it. For me detail has always been my obsession. When I used to draw I was never concerned with color, I wanted my drawings to be full of detail so they would look good in black and white. With sculpting it took a long time to learn how to adapt my drawing style to clay...........I think I have taken my first real steps in achieving just that. I am striving for ultra-detail with each piece I do. I want my sculptures to stand out either fully painted or in one color. Now that I have focus and I'm not bogged down with dreams and thoughts of filmmaker stuff like wanting to write, direct, edit, and do FX, my only focus is detailing my work. I want my artwork to look good up close and from a distance. Now that I'm working on only busts, each under 7 inches, it is extremely important that I take the time to learn how to ultra-detail each thing I do from this point on. I will not let myself find satisfaction in my work, I will look at each piece as a lesson on how to make the next one better. The following pics are still rough, but this is the path I'm taking with my work now. From Swamp Thing forward I will ultra-detail each piece in a way that best expresses the character in my mind and how I see it through my "artsy fartsy" filter.

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  1. I think you excel in your detailing while your sculpting a piece. And you definitely have adapted your drawing style of detail onto clay. Swampie looks terrific but I know I will be blown away with the final product :)