Friday, August 10, 2012

2 mini busts I'm working on now

 I made a Swamp Thing mask in roughly 2002 (its in the Old Portfolio tab), I wasn't that happy with it and I knew I wanted to revisit Swamp Thing when I got a little better sculpting.
Redd Foxx is one the funniest people ever to walk the earth. Sanford and Son to me is the funniest show ever. So I had to have a Fred Bust (mostly cause I cant find too much Sanford and Son stuff, besides the T-shirts I bought). This is my first likeness ( coming from a cartoon backround I know this bust will not be dead on but filtered through my style ), so be nice I know its not perfect.

Both Swamp Thing and Fred are still far from being finished, I'll keep you up to date as I get further along.

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